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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Americano Gigolo

I love getting together with my bestie mate Vivieen. We met ten years ago when we worked together at a horrible company (the name of which rhymes with "hell"-- this should have been our first clue). Although neither of us miss working at this company, we do miss the luxury of seeing each other every day.

We do our best to schedule cocktail & coffee dates. I am glad that we were able to manage a few hours for a much needed catch up at Johnny's Coffee, a cosy new java joint on Locke Street in Hamilton.

Funny enough, it was thanks to the Hell company that I began drinking coffee. A die hard tea drinker, I rarely ever drank coffee until a business trip to Seattle seven years ago resulted in falling in love with the city's coffee culture. Ever since I have become a two cup a day coffee whore. 

On our coffee date I began with a macchiato & a caramel apple spice muffin. But the conversation outlasted the treats so I moved on to a latte that literally made me weak at the knees. The barista was lovely -- very friendly & extremely tolerant of our extended stay & goose honk laughter. What did we talk about? Well, never you mind.

Johnny's is a welcome addition to Locke Street. They are open to midnight so I recommend being seduced by their caffeinated delights.

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