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Friday, 28 September 2012


This month I had the honour of being invited to celebrate the marriage of two lovely couples who had weddings a week a part of each other-- Pete & Kim and Shaun & Rachel.  These couples are the real deal.  I'm always curious to hear the story about how couples met each other  The beginning of these two love stories are hilarious--but not my stories to tell.  Plus Kim & Rachel would both KILL me if I posted the details for all of the world to read, and by all of the world I mean the three people (if I'm lucky) who actually read this blog.

Kim & Rachel were two very unique brides to be. Neither were concerned about the usual trappings that go along with the big business of weddings.  There was no obsession about rings, Vera Wang dresses, showers, etc.  Their laid back attitude was refreshing. Both were more excited about embarking on a big journey rather than focusing on "the big day".  Having their family and friends in attendance to celebrate the new chapter in their lives was what mattered.  It meant a lot to be  included as part of their celebrations. 

Oh yeah, and also OPEN BARS!!!  Hello, this blog is called Free Spiritz!!

At Pete & Kim’s event I stuck to one of my all time favourite beers – Lowenbrau (LCBO $2.25 – 500ml Munich Germany) – which I now have them hooked on after leaving a can (or two...or three) behind in their fridge after parties.  Lowenbrau (touted as the “official” beer of Oktoberfest) is a pale lager brewed according to the Bavarian purity law of 1516 – yep, this is an actual legislation on brewing beer!  In a nutshell, this law was to help keep “unhealthy ingredients” out of the brew and it strictly forbids corn, rice, sugar or chemical additives (yay! health points).  You can’t really go wrong with German beers, and I never met one that I didn’t like, but Lowenbrau is a fantastic beer for a price that can’t be beat.  

It was wine all the way at Shaun & Rachel’s celebration and the event was well stocked with chardonnay and valpolicella – made by the happy couple themselves at Brew time here in Hamilton.  I was so impressed by the quality of this wine; I currently have a batch of Amarone lovingly fermenting as I write this.  Future blog on the experience pending.

Ok, ok, both brides were gorgeous and dressed to the nines.  They knocked it out of the park.  What more can I say.  

As for the guests....
Blackbird Studios ( ruled at Shaun & Rachel’s wedding.  Myself, Jenn and Leslie (crickey we look like the witches of Eastwick) sported designs made by the team of Kiki and Buckshot at the James North Hamilton store.  They describe themselves as catering to “rock stars, roller girls, burlesque artistes, fashion misfits and fashionistas” –you have to see these designs to believe them – the photos do not do justice to the amazing work that these two designers create.  All clothing is made on site and most of the fabric is made exclusively for the shop.  Not only are their creations unique and affordable, but they have styles that fit all women’s body types.

Thanks for reading. 

Eat, drink and don’t be Mary – just be yourself.