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Sunday, 21 October 2012

This Ain't Hollywood

I shook my groove thang. I think I broke it. Last night we headed to This Ain't Hollywood to see punk legends Walter Lure (The Heartbreakers) and Andy Shernoff (The Dictators). These guys have played with the who's who of 70's punk. They were backed by local punk legends Gordie Lewis, Cleave Anderson & Steev Saint.

I love This Ain't Hollywood (  They have the best bar staff in all of Hamilton. The spiritz selection is quite impressive for a live music venue. They carry Crystal Head vodka, Dan Akroyd wine along with their own special brew for the beer drinkers.

You have to hand it to owner Lou Molinaro for booking amazing acts. Thanks to Lou our city has hosted legendary performers - Glen Matlock, Slim Jim Phantom, Jello Biafra, Handsome Dick Manitoba, Cheetah Chrome, Hugh Cornwell & Clem Burke (who I actually met & giggled like a little girl!!).  He was such a sweetheart. He patiently posed for a picture with me while my friend Robin tried to stop giggling & figure out how to work my camera phone.
Here's a few shots of the Walter Lure show.

Lou keeps outdoing himself. Upcoming acts include Lydia Lunch & The Rezillos. You can also check out a great mix of local talent. I recommend keeping an eye out for The Mystics and The Beards--two local bands that I am now a fan of after seeing their sets at TAH.

Check out their gig listing today!

           Vivieen, Rob, Robin & Jean in the front row with me dancing up a storm

                                                            The Lassie & The Fella
                                                 Erics, Robin, Andy Shernoff and Rob


  1. TAH is just about the best venue ever.....where else could I stand in the cold with Andy Shernoff discussing early Head days, why I am wearing a cotton jacket and he a scarf, and how to take a decent iphone picture? Where else could a legend fix the flash on my iphone and insist that I only post handsome pictures of him? Where else would you find a bar owner who is as much of a rock and roll fan as Lou? I love that he is up front and center singing his heart out like the rest of us.

  2. and p.s. remind me never to wear that jacket again. It is very unphotogenic.

  3. You stated it way better than I did - TAH is absolutely the best venue ever - where else will the Fleshtones pull you on stage and make you play bass guitar (even if you have never even held one in your life!). Not only is Lou a great booker and cool rock n roll guy, but an all around nice guy.

    And finally - you look fab in that jacket! I have no idea what you are talking about here!

  4. Oh, and another thing, in a number of the pictures (two of me and Andy), you can see right through my shirt to my leopard print bra....classy. No wonder he said always turn off the flash.

  5. I've never known a rock star who didn't like a flash from a girl.....

  6. Erik and I frequently do a toast to Lou and Co. in sheer gratitude for bringing such great music to the Hammer again! Otherwise we would be sitting around gathering cobwebs!