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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Appetite For (liver) Destruction

There are two things that I never grew out of--fart jokes & dressing up. Luckily this post is about the latter.

I LOVE Halloween! I had been thinking about my costume for this year since, oh last November!
I had an awesome couple costume for me and The Fella, however, The Fella had to work.
No worries, I am a lassie who always has a back up plan.

Ever since we watched the episode of Top Gear with Slash, the seeds of the idea of dressing up as him for Halloween were planted.

The evening began with cocktails at my place featuring two GNR themed libations with some cool SPIRITZ that I procured (ahem...smuggled) from trips across the border.

Sweet-tea Child o' Mine:
1 part Burnetts Sweet Tea Vodka
4 parts soda water

Welcome To The Jungle:
1 part Reserva 1800 Coconut infused tequila
3 parts coconut water

After listening to tunes (yes Appetite for Destruction was on the playlist) and the de rigueur viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, we head out on the town where The Fella met up with us.

                                          Jenn as Miss Havisham - If I had known her costume
                                          in advance I would have invented a "Grape Expectation"

Best way to end the evening-- watching the end clip of Slash's appearance on Top Gear when he plays the theme song "Jessica". Watch until the very end --Jeremy Clarkson has the best line at the end.


  1. So, I take it, Michael dressed up as the 'sound guy'......