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Thursday, 1 November 2012

I Melt With You

This month The Fella and I celebrate our second anniversary together. 

I met The Fella when I was in Grade 11. I needed an Arts credit and my choices were as follows:

A. Fine arts (my stick figure drawings wouldn't get me the credit that I needed);
B. Music (the only thing I can play is the stereo);
C. Gym (not sure how physical education qualifies as an Arts credit, but putting myself in a situation to be bullied by mean amazon girls was not a choice I was going to freely enter into); and
D. Dramatic Arts - The lesser of four evils. I was painfully shy in high school and I thought that this class would help me come out of my shell (I know, I know, sometimes you probably wish that I went back in it). Plus I mistakenly thought I might have access to a wardrobe department (yep mistakenly).

                                              Lisa, The Fella & Lisa (circa 1986) 

                                          Tamara, Michelle & The Lassie (circa 1986)

It was in this class where I first met The Fella. I thought he was sooo cute, but didn't have the nerve to speak to him -- the thought of performing monologues on stage in front of my peers was torture enough, yet alone the thought of trying to work up the nerve to talk to him.
I remember the first time that he spoke to me. I was sitting with Michelle (photo above) rehearsing lines and he came over to me and said "So, that new Clash album (*shakes his head in disgust*) -- Not Good!". I froze. My mind was racing with a myriad of emotions -- oh my god he is speaking to me!! -- oh my god he's speaking to me about THE CLASH!! -- oh my god he's insulting The Clash!!  (he was referring to the Cut The Crap album... so he did kinda have a point, but still..)
Flash forward two decades.  I had just gotten out of a long term relationship when Mike came back into my life.  The last thing that I was looking for was to get into another relationship, but that's the thing about life - when you look for things you never find them.  You have to let things find you and look to yourself to be open to them.  Second chances come around so rarely, sometimes you have to just jump feet first.  Thankfully I am no longer painfully shy and that I had the courage to do so.


Mike still plays the drums.  I still write.  He still thinks The Clash's "Cut The Crap" album is in fact, crap.  These days I tend to agree with that theory.  

So now we have been together for two years. And it only took 25 years to finally hook up. Better late than never.

                                                      Happy Anniversary babe.

Modern English - I Melt With You

The Clash - This Is England


  1. Love it!!! Happy Anniversary you two :) xoxo

  2. Lovely Kim, and Happy Anniversary! Although I don't remember you being at all shy in high school! xx deb

  3. Shy in highschool? Are you kidding me?
    I love you and Mike together. You are poifect!

  4. I was really! Hard to believe I know!