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Monday, 25 February 2013

Robin's Birthday

Not only do I love a celebratory night out with my fav galpals, but I also love an opportunity to check out a new restaurant. 
When we got together for my lovely friend Robin’s birthday earlier this month, we made the trek out to Burlington to have dinner at Eatalia

I have to be honest.  I was sceptical about the choice of venue.  I have driven by Eatalia a few times and always thought that it was a chain restaurant on par with the likes of Eastside Mario’s (blech!). However, this could not have been further from the truth.  Eatalia is an independent, stylish restaurant with a warm and welcoming staff and inventive menu. 

We could not decide on an appetizer so our server put together a meat and cheese antipasti plate for the four of us to share (more like devour!).  

I ordered the Bucatini Alla Matriciana which was tossed in a sauce made of tomatoes, basil, smoked bacon, pancetta and chilli peppers (you had me at bacon!!).  I literally wanted to lick my plate it was so good – sometimes couth is an overrated virtue.

Diane and birthday girl Robin had the quail with roasted mushroom and fig sauce served on a bed of pancetta polenta.  I have to be honest – I can’t for the life of me remember what Vivieen had.  Let’s just say A LOT of wine was consumed that night.

We refrained from having desert at the restaurant as we were heading back to Robin’s house for more wine and cake.  (Note - cake is not shown -- see too much wine note above).

I love going to Robin's house...not only because there is wine, but because her home is absolutely gorgeous!  Robin is such a creative talent.  I mentally made decor notes to use in my new abode. 

Like all of us, she is also a huge rock n roll fan, which reflected in our choice of birthday prezzies.  I'm hoping to borrow the Marc Bolan biography from her when she is finished!

Friday, 22 February 2013

You Light Up My Life

Well, the move happened.  I am settling into my new abode.  I forgot how much work is involved in moving and I am exhausted!  I have a lot more work cut out for me.  Although I lucked out in getting such a large space (hello, you had me at walk-in closet) that is located downtown in a clean, quiet building, it is an old apartment and it does require some cosmetic T.L.C.
First order of business – the dining room light fixture.    The lighting fixture looked like it fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down.  This eyesore lasted a total of 48 hours in my domain. 

I trekked off to IKEA to purchase a fixture that had caught my eye on a previous outing.  Although I am quite a handy chick, when it comes to plumbing and lighting I draw the line.  Luckily The Fella has electrical acumen and lovingly offered to swap out the fixture for me. 

The light fixture came with an extremely long chain - The Fella shortened it for me to hang at an appropriate height.

The Fella - You Light Up My Life

Hmm...could re-purpose this for naughty things....

 A world of difference!

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Back in December my work mates and I went to Smoke's Poutinerie for lunch (  During this outing, Peter started talking smack about how he could be a champion poutine eater.  Sarah and Audrey rose to the challenge and a date was set for February 15th for what would be forever know as the Poutine-Off. 
There was daily trash talk from this initial lunch date through to the actual date of the Poutine-Off about who would reign supreme as the ultimate poutine eating title-holder.  The challenge was taken very seriously by my work mates.  Rules were drafted – the full portion must be consumed in the least amount of time, no performance enhancing drugs (i.e. laxatives), etc.   The winner would receive a Poutine-Off trophy and the glory of being undefeated – the loser would have to buy a round of coffee for the contestants and the judges.
I offered to participate as a judge – partly because I was curious as to how the challenge would go done and partly because I knew this blog would just write itself.    I also volunteered to make the trophy for the victor. 

The trophy - Monsieur Poutine tĂȘte...

...with his cheese curd afro

The big day arrived.   The excitement in the office was palpable.  Choruses of ‘ “Fry” of the Tiger’ could be heard being sung throughout the cubicles.  There was also arguments as to who as “going down” in this battle of gastronomic proportions.
At 11:30 a.m. sharp, we gathered at Smoke’s Poutinerie on Adelaide (  The orders were placed and all bets were off. 
The champion was Carlos, who took the contest by eating the chicken fajita poutine in six minutes and sixteen seconds.   Fast on his tail was Sarah, with the pulled pork and bacon poutine, in just less than seven minutes.  Carlos, a gracious winner, said that was sharing the trophy with Sarah who he considered to be a worthy competitor.  It is now shared between both their desks.

And Peter the wise guy who started it all with his smack talk?  It was pretty much a tie between him and Audrey for third place.  To add to his crushing defeat was the fact that his subway ride did not bode well after the Poutine-Off.  I am not sure if his wooziness was caused by so much food in such a short span, or if was the chants about how he was beaten by a girl.
In last place was (Won’t be done until) May, who was disqualified for not finishing all of her portion.   She is treating us to coffee tomorrow.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Nobel Fashion Prize

The month of February begins the nomination process for the Nobel  Prize to recongize individuals in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace. 
Why isn’t there a Nobel Prize for fashion innovation?  I would be happy to champion the addition of this category to the current list.   I duly nominate the following individuals who were responsible for the following advances in the world of fashion.

1.       The addition of Lycra to denim
Thank you for making jeans comfortable.  For those about to rock, we salute you. 
2.       The low waist cut
Your part in the abolishment of the dreaded “mom jean” style of high waisted jeans will go down in history.

3.       Victoria’s Secret Angel Bra
Not since the pyramids has there been such a miraculous feat of engineering.  It is architecturally fabricated to make your ladies look incredible and make the opposite sex marvel at their design.

4.       Silk screened tags
Thank you for conceiving the idea of silkscreening tags onto garments.  This revolutionary advancement has brought an end to manufacturers who formerly made clothing tags out of the most abrasive, itchiest fibreglass material  and strategically sewing them into garments in a way that made removal of the tag impossible without creating a hole in the item of clothing.

5.       The Wine Bag Purse
Sir or madam….will you marry me??

Monday, 4 February 2013


Yay!  I'm moving! 

In less than two weeks I will be moving from my infamous veal pen in the sky to a way bigger place in a building  not far from where I am currently living.  I am so excited about the extra space and lots of storage.  Currently I have only one storage closet which is always reminds me of the closet in the movie  "Uncle Buck" -- I am terrified to open the door because inevitably a barrage of stuff will come raining down on my head. 

It's not just the space/storage issue, there is also major neighbour issues going on.  To the left is  the neighbour that I affectionately like to call "The Douche Bag" who likes to party until 4am (and I get up for work at 5am).  To the right of me is "The Nutbar", who looks a bit too much like Jamie Crumb (a.k.a. Buffalo Bill) from The Silence of the Lambs for my comfort.   I avoid him at all costs if he is in the hallway because I am afraid he will offer me a choice between a bottle of lotion and a hose.

I have been on the fence about renting vs. owning.  I’ve done both and each option has both pros and cons.  Owing a house is not for me.   The constant exterior care such as shovelling snow and mowing the lawn does not fit with my lifestyle.  There are also unexpected issues such as basement floods, sewage backups, roofing repairs/replacement, etc.  Been there, done that.  No more thanks.

As for condos, the fees are utterly ridiculous.  Starting at $350 per month if you are lucky (on top of your mortgage and taxes) they only cover the very basic of maintenance.  If any major building repairs are required, the invoice is divided and split amongst the condo owners.  There is also the issue of dealing with a condo board – which is comprised of owners in the building who are not property management professionals, who you have to seek approval from to do any sort of renovation.  The newer buildings also have what I refer to as  Stepford Syndrome – your exterior views must be uniform to the other units—therefore your choice of window coverings, etc. are dictated to you.  Sorry, I really don’t want someone dictating how my place should look.

For me, at this point in my life, renting makes more sense.  There is a definite snobbery when it comes to renters.   A home is what you make it.  Owning property does not make you a home – it just makes you a property owner. And there are plenty of condo and house owners who are douche bags like my neighbour – at least I will not be stuck living somewhere until I am able to sell the property.

Over the next year I will be blogging about the cosmetic DIY projects that I have planned for the new place complete with before and after pics.   Look out Home Depot, Rona, Lowes and IKEA.  Here I come!   Stay tuned!

                                     This is why I don't currently bowl.