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Monday, 15 October 2012

Rock n' Roll n' Roti

I had the pleasure of catching up with my friend Tracy over lunch.  I met Tracy when I first starting dating The Fella.  The Fella and Tracy’s fella play in a band together ( and the first time I attended one of his shows (in the official capacity of “band girlfriend”) Tracy and I hit it off instantly.  Tracy and her fella also play in a band together ( -- let me tell you, this woman can ROCK! 

Unfortunately I have absolutely NO musical aptitude whatsoever.  The only thing I can play is the stereo.  I also was not blessed with a singing voice.  People kindly refer to me as “tone deaf” – what they really mean is that my voice can peel paint off the walls.  Karaoke hosts are always thrilled by my unadulterated enthusiasm to participate (I usually hand in three-four song requests at the beginning of the night).  Then, after I am called up for the first time they mysteriously lose the other request slips and avoid eye contact with me.   
People asked me why I have no inhibitions when it comes to karaoke (usually upon hearing me “sing”).  The way I see it is:
a)      I am aware that I am daft
b)      I am aware of my serenading short-comings
c)       I am a rock and roll star only in my head
d)      I am OK with others being aware of this
I love my lunch chats with Tracy.  We cram as much band talk/gossip (peppered with goose honk laughter) as we can into our lunch hour.  We always meet at the same venue – Little India on Queen Street West in Toronto ( – and we always partake in the all you can eat lunch menu – a bargain at $12.95 per person.  Usually I am not a fan of all you can eat buffets, as they tend to sacrifice quality for quantity, but this is not the case at Little India.  The buffet trays are small so that the food is constantly being replenished.    

I also love that they have great healthy options to offer.  Yes, when it comes to Indian food you can make wise choices.  Anything labelled “tikka” “tandoori” “marinated” is not cooked in heavy creams or oils so they are your best bets.  Other healthy choices include paneer (yes a healthy cheese!), lentils, vindaloo or rogan josh.   

Little India also stocks “Kingfisher Premium Lager” (LCBO 6 x 355ml $13.00).  I am hoping that we can arrange a dinner date soon – as neither of us are able to partake in this lovely beverage during work hours.
You can catch Beyond the Cage this Friday night (Oct 19, 2012) at Club Absinthe in Hamilton ( competing in the “Last Band Standing”.  And yes, we will be partaking in lots of beer this evening!

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