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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

"Yule" Shoot Your Eye Out

Oh fudge!  I wish that I had the time to visit NYC right now.   From now until December 30th you can catch Broadway’s tribute to my ultimate favourite Christmas movie – “A Christmas Story – The Musical”.  It’s playing at the Lunt-Fontanne theatre on 46th Street, which is an absolutely beautiful venue.  Ooh, I want to go so bad!! 
I am very curious about the music in the Broadway show.   What scenes do you think will be turned into musical numbers? *Sigh* Ah, well.  I will just have to content myself to watching the movie for the umpteenth time.  To ease my sorrows, I christened the following cocktail, “Yule" Shoot Your Eye Out!” 

The non-alcoholic recipe came from a former boss of mine.  Once when I had the flu, she recommended a drink that her mom would make for her when she was a little girl and feeling poorly.  She said that it would help ease my throat.  The drink was a combination of honey, lemon and ginger ale warmed in the microwave.  She was right!  However, I discovered that when you microwave ginger ale, it becomes like, twenty times more effervescent.  The bubbles literally pop out of your mug all over your face.  So, I thought, why not "Irish it up" a bit?  Hence the inspiration for the name.

"Yule" Shoot Your Eye Out!

½ can ginger ale
1 tbsp honey
1 wedge of lemon
1 oz. brandy

Place ginger ale, honey and brandy in a microwave safe mug.  Squeeze the juice out of the lemon wedge.  Microwave for 1 minute.  Put on eye protection and enjoy.  Try it tonight.  I triple dog dare you!


  1. I'm thinking something hip-hoppish for the bunny costume scene....get it? hip-hop? bunny?

  2. Peter "put a cap in your ass" Gangsta cotton tail....I like it