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Wednesday, 9 January 2013


I am blessed to have such a great friend like Vivieen.   She has been there for thick and thin for me.  I know that she always has my back and vice versa.   We can also make each other laugh like a couple of preteens.  Like the time that we went to New York and took a guided tour of Manhattan.   Our guide had to officially be The. Worst. Tour. Guide. Ever.  As we walked on the tour we exchanged sarcastic barbs back and forth which led us into an uncontrollable laughing fit – you know the kind - when you are laughing so hard you are doubled over and can hardly breath, tears are rolling down your face and any sound that resembles actual laughter has ceased and has been replaced with a sound reminiscent of a whooping cough.  It was only when we were beginning to compose ourselves that we realized the tour group had stopped... at Ground Zero... for quite some time … along with several other tour groups.  They asked us never to return. 

I honestly don’t know what I would do without her in my life.
We recently celebrated our ninth “friend-iversary”.  Friend-iversary celebrations usually entail a lunch date and and long catch up natter. 
This year we chose the Earth to Table Bread Bar on Locke Street (  This venue is a bakery/pizzeria/restaurant that features local, fresh ingredients which results in delicious menu choices.  Vivieen had the chicken club sandwich which had prosciutto instead of the usual bacon.  I had the roasted mushroom and fontina cheese sandwich along with the soup of the day -- Jerusalem artichoke.  To finish we had lattes and the gingersnap bread pudding.  As usual, the food was fantastic.

The service has always been good but the last few times I have been here there has been a wait time issue.  It’s not that I fault the restaurant for having a wait time as I am not surprised based on how good the food is.  My beef is how they handle the waiting list.   They allow people to leave their cell phone numbers and leave the the line up to go shopping on Locke Street.  If their table comes up, everyone in line has to wait until they come back while people in the line have to stand and look at empty tables while people are out strolling about.  Not cool.
However, Vivieen and I lucked out and ended up with the window seat which is perfect for people watching.  We threw out some ideas on how to celebrate our tenth friend-iversary next year.   Safe to say that Ground Zero is out of the question.

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