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Monday, 11 February 2013

Nobel Fashion Prize

The month of February begins the nomination process for the Nobel  Prize to recongize individuals in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace. 
Why isn’t there a Nobel Prize for fashion innovation?  I would be happy to champion the addition of this category to the current list.   I duly nominate the following individuals who were responsible for the following advances in the world of fashion.

1.       The addition of Lycra to denim
Thank you for making jeans comfortable.  For those about to rock, we salute you. 
2.       The low waist cut
Your part in the abolishment of the dreaded “mom jean” style of high waisted jeans will go down in history.

3.       Victoria’s Secret Angel Bra
Not since the pyramids has there been such a miraculous feat of engineering.  It is architecturally fabricated to make your ladies look incredible and make the opposite sex marvel at their design.

4.       Silk screened tags
Thank you for conceiving the idea of silkscreening tags onto garments.  This revolutionary advancement has brought an end to manufacturers who formerly made clothing tags out of the most abrasive, itchiest fibreglass material  and strategically sewing them into garments in a way that made removal of the tag impossible without creating a hole in the item of clothing.

5.       The Wine Bag Purse
Sir or madam….will you marry me??


  1. 6. Spanx, of all shape and sizes
    7. Joe Fresh as a work fashion staple
    8. Cute igloves
    9. Hook in front bras
    10. Socks without bands that cut off blood circulation.

  2. Well, that sure is some tough competition. However, I am biased for the wine bag creator.

  3. Well, I had to make it a top ten list.....whoever heard of a top five list? Sheesh