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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Signs, seared, delivered

In my previous job, I sourced industrial textiles for a local manufacturing firm.  I would order shipping container loads full of cotton duck material that would ship from a supplier in India.  The fabric would be sent across the ocean in large steel shipping containers - I won’t get into all of the logistical nightmares that these shipments would cause.  I was quite happy to never set eyes on those containers ever again once I left that company.  Little did I know that a few years later I would be rejoicing about them and that this time around they would be delivering up something delicious.
Yesterday afternoon Audrey and I went to Market 707.  Located on a block in Toronto at Dundas West at Bathurst, Market 707 is a revolution in cuisine – hip, trendy street food served by up and coming new chefs – the twist is, the food is being served out of steel shipping containers that have been retrofitted to prepare food.  Move over food trucks!  We don’t have to chase these cooks all over town.

Audrey and I had our hearts set on Mac n' Cheese, however, the owner was only four days in to his business and still working out some kinks - an impromptu meeting had set him behind in his daily food prep.   He apologized profusely and gave us both comp tickets to come back and sample his deliciousness for free next time.  Very nice, but totally unnecessary – he had us at “salt and vinegar potato chip crust”.  We will be back my friend.

Instead we settled on “Kitchen Cargo” which features gourmet meat pies and tacos.  I had the panko crusted tofu taco  that was to die for!  I can’t believe how crunchy the tofu strips were.  Audrey went for the pork belly taco and she reported that it was amazing. 

Since it was such a nice day and our work schedules keep us from going out for lunch very often, we embrace the attitude of "go big or go home", and stopped at Nom Nom Nom Crepes (OK, yes the hilarious name played a part in our decision for a lunch time dessert).  Audrey chose the S’mores crepe – the crepe was made as we watched and waited and topped with, as the name suggests, marshmallows, graham crackers and homemade chocolate sauce and then pressed into a delicious parcel.  I chose the “Heaven in Cup” – which was a layer of fresh strawberries, topped with the homemade chocolate sauce, a layer of bananas topped with homemade caramel sauce, freshly made whipped crème, homemade brownie crumbles and candied pecans.  The bigger the sundae the closer to God I say.

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