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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and all the best to you in 2013.  How I remember 2012 like it was only yesterday (well, it was!).

The Fella and I had a great time at our friend Greg's annual New Years Eve soiree.  This year Greg kept it low key - just a few friends and family.  They say that how you spend New Years Eve is how you will spend the year ahead.   I don't particularly believe this theory, however, if it is true, I welcome 2013 as a year spent with people who truly matter, enhanced with cocktails, music and good food - pretty much what I try to keep The Free Spiritz based upon.  I am also not a believer in New Years resolutions, but I am an obsessive list maker.  So, no 2013 declarations for me - just a few things on my to do list.

  1. MOVE!  --  I have outgrown my veal pen in the sky.  I need a bigger place (or I need to stop buying that is going to happen!).  This is taking priority number one and starting tomorrow I will beginning the search for a bigger fab place to put down my roots.
  2. Home Decor -- I will begin a year long preoccupation with paint colour combos as I jazz up my future new abode.
  3. Make more wine -- I really got into wine making the later part of last year and I will be making another batch of white and red within the next few weeks.
  4. Drink more wine -- This goes without saying....I mean why else would I be making it.
  5. Photography -- Despite being a major Instagram geek, I know absolutely nothing about photography.   This year I will make an attempt to learn more about it and hopefully develop a new skill.
  6. Spend more time with friends -- I need to be less obsessed with work and spend more valued time with my spesh mates.
  7. Go back to the gym -- Since my appendectomy five weeks ago, I have been restricted from going to the gym.  I have one more week on my ban.  I usually work out every lunch hour and I have felt totally lethargic since I stopped going to the gym.  I know that I won't be able to handle my normal routine so I plan to ease back into it.  I'll start with a few yoga classes and work my way up from there.  Let's just say that after six weeks of not working out and indulging in the four holiday food groups of cheese balls, marzipan, gravy and chocolate, that first downward dog will not be pretty.
  8. Going with the flow -- I plan to live in the moment and not sweat it when things don't go as planned.  For example, I would usually I would obsess about making this list an even ten. So, to go with the flow I will end it here at unusual number eight.

   Me and The Fella in our tiaras

                                                              The fab host, Greg

                                          Baby Maggie and her first New Years Party


  1. I spent my NYE with Ben - we watched the ball drop at midnight, cheered with our drinks (his sippy cup of milk, my cup of decaf tea) and danced to some pop star whose name escapes me. It was lovely.

    1. Sounds like a pretty fantastic way to spend NYE. I would have thought that you would have introduced Ben to some glam rock by now though. Hope that my 2013 is filled with lots of time with you...'cos of all the people who matter, you are on top of the list starshine!

  2. Happy New Year to you!

    I had an appendectomy too! Exactly a month ago. I resumed carrying the baby and other mom activities in about a week. I know, such a rebel :)

    (stopping by from SITS)

    1. Wow! Alison, you are a rock star! I feel like such a wimp compared to you! Thanks for your comment. Hope that you are feeling back to normal. Cheers.